About me


Principal Research Scientist at Redzone and Visiting Scholar at MIT Media Lab
Named Innovator Under 35 by MIT Technology Review en Español in 2018.

Passionate in understanding complex, social behaviors by analyzing (big) data from social media and alternative sources, using networks, AI and machine learning.

Analysis of social dynamics across scales: from global societies down to cities and organizations.  Transforming data into visualization, understanding and strategy.

Visit Research for more information.

Unveiling the power of data

We live in a complex world overwhelmed by data. We need better tools than traditional statistics to unleash their hidden power. Artificial intelligence and complexity science let us unveil unstructured patterns of behavior. Rather than trusting a black box, we show what the data has to tell.

Who can benefit?

Planning offices, Companies and NGOs who need to understand the behavior of societies:  mapping poverty and segregation. planning urban dynamics, assessing natural disasters, observing team dynamics, and customers’ behavior.

Create the value of data

Untitled 6
Visualization of ethnic segregation and geographic segmentation of Ivory Coast.


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